• Randy DeVos, President & CEO

  • Rich Powell, VP

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    • Website: www.roptionsinc.com
    • Top Executive: Randy DeVos, President and CEO
    • Local Employees: 25
    • Headquarters: Rochester, NY
    • Founded: 2011
    • Total Employees: 25
    • Years on List: 2
    • Last Year’s Rank: 58

Nearly seven years ago, Randy DeVos and Rich Powell started R-Options Inc., working out of the home Randy and his wife built with their own hands in Hilton.

Today the company numbers 25 employees at its office in Gates, and R-Options’ success has propelled it onto the Rochester Chamber’s Top 100 list for the first time. R-Options provides, installs and services low-voltage cabling infrastructures.

DeVos, president of R-Options, said the company has grown each year — and in many segments.

Diversity in services is the key to R-Options’ continued success.

“We wanted to be diverse, more diverse than any company in this industry,” said Powell, company vice president. R-Options provides data cabling infrastructure in a variety of areas: access control, surveillance, led lighting, wireless, fiber optics, paging, cellular extensions, audio/video and electrical.

That variety allows R-Options to essentially be a one-stop shop for businesses, providing “anything and everything to support today’s cutting-edge technology,” DeVos said. “We’re in every vertical market.”

One category of major growth for R-Options is security systems. Years ago, companies focused their security internally, to keep any eye on their own employees. “That mentality has really changed” due to concerns and changes in today’s world, DeVos noted.

Even mom-and-pop stores and small offices are looking at security cameras, perhaps mounted outside or near a door, as a crime-prevention tool.

R-Options also installs highly sophisticated security tools. A small white box sits on a table in DeVos’ office. Powell said the box can detect the sound of a gunshot and send a signal to law enforcement within a split second.

Another growth area for R-Options is audio-video. R-Options recently installed video-conferencing for the M&T Bank headquarters in downtown Rochester and for CooperVision, which makes contact lenses.

“It’s easier to jump on a video conference rather than on a plane, and it’s more cost effective,” DeVos noted. Video conferencing equipment has become much more affordable in recent years, and R-Options makes sure that the infrastructure supports it and provides the necessary speed.

In the realm of wireless technology, the company is finding opportunity because businesses are ditching their conventional phone systems for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Schools also need wireless technology as their students use laptops, iPads and smartphones in classrooms.

Getting in front of the technological curve is a must for R-Options. Vendors regularly do presentations for the sales and engineering teams to show them “the newest, latest and greatest,” which R-Options in turn presents to customers, DeVos said.

Staff training is vital. “We try to stay ahead of our competition and dive into new technology, and really grab the bull by the horns and live it, breathe it, learn it — and sell it, ultimately,” Powell said.

The majority of R-Options’ clients are in upstate New York, including Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Binghamton. Some upstate businesses, pleased with the work done by R-Options, have hired the company to go farther afield. They “would rather pay extra money to have local guys (from R-Options) travel to other states just because they trust us,” Powell noted.

As for the future, “I hope that growth continues and I hope that we can stay on the edge and continue to grow and provide jobs and stability for people in Rochester,” DeVos said.

DeVos and Powell said it’s the good people who work at R-Options that matter most.

“We’ve taken a lot of measures to put together a really well-balanced team, both office and field,” DeVos said. Both he and Powell were quick to note that teamwork is critical to the company’s achievements.

“We would never be where we are today if we didn’t have the people we have,” DeVos added. “That’s just the bottom line. Without them, we are just Randy and Rich.”